A Road Map Called Values

Research minimalism...
Purge a little...
Research some more...
Purge a little...

This cycle has been going on for quite some time and despite how much junk I have purged, I still feel like I am spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I started this blog last year to document my journey of letting go and learning to live the life of my heart. To be more present and appreciate the little moments. To focus on the things that matter the most to me.

It started off pretty good and then there it was, the thing I feared the most. Crickets.....

I just stopped. Absolutely no blog entries for a year.

Now I am sitting here about the same time I was last year. Thinking, why did I fail? I knew what I wanted right? A simpler life. That's it. So why did I let another year slip away and find myself still stressed out, still surrounded by clutter (less than last year but still clutter), still unhappy in my job, still not stopping to savor the sweet moments with my boys, still researching simple living hoping to find the quick fix that will make me start living the life I truly desire.


I look at this picture of my boys and they have what I am searching for. The ease of laughter. The ability to live in the moment. How do they do it so easily? What is their secret?

Desire, that's all I thought it took.

Then, a few weeks ago I read this blog post on Becoming Minimalist:

That's when it struck me why I was unable to be successful. I went in guns blazing but I had no plan of attack. It was like going into a gunfight blindfolded. I was just aimlessly firing.

Values....easy enough. Just write them down and get started.

Not as easy as it sounds. Believe me!

Honestly, I'm not sure what mine are at this point.

I started writing values down, but then it struck me. Are these MY true values? Or are they values I think I should have based on what other people think. The reality is that for me to reach my goal, this is the road map needed to get me there.

Goal #1 - Determine what my core values are. Once I have that then I can set Goal #2.

I have bought a journal to keep with me for the next few days to log my thoughts and hopefully I can determine what those core values are. I found this list of values on Live Bold and Bloom that I will use as my starting point.

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