Love of Okra

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The other night I was cooking dinner when Keaton, as he always does, called down from his perch on the landing upstairs. He was inquiring about the aroma coming from the kitchen. I responded that it was boiled okra. Thinking he would just respond Ok as he always does and then go about his business. Not this time. Nope. The response I was greeted with was, That smells disgusting!

He abhorred the smell so much that when I called them down for dinner 15 minutes later, he was in tears. Typically my boys are very good eaters and they absolutely love most vegetables. Even if they don't particularly care for a certain variety they always eat it, though begrudgingly. The boys have always loved fried okra and if we are at restaurants they will usually ask for double helpings.  Thinking okra was a safe bet I set about making it for dinner, however, I never fry anything at home so I chose to boil it instead. Big mistake!

Nelms Nest - Love of Ocra BW - Dec 2015002_edited-1

This was the reaction I received.

Nelms Nest - Love of Ocra BW - Dec 2015004_edited-1


Nelms Nest - Love of Ocra BW - Dec 2015005_edited-1

Britton refused to eat it as well but apparently the smell did not bother him as much because he decided it would be fun to torture his brother with said vegetable. Waving and wafting the aromas so Keaton could partake in the experience more fully.

Nelms Nest - Love of Ocra BW - Dec 2015006_edited-1

Nelms Nest - Love of Ocra BW - Dec 2015007_edited-1



Needless to say I think okra is off the menu for a little while so that Keaton can recover from the trauma. Only fried okra for the Nelms boys.

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