Simplicity: Natural stress relief


The energy being emitted from two little boys this morning was nuclear. They must have stolen our energy and the energy of everyone else within range of their vortex. But it's Labor Day and we wanted to do something fun together before heading back into work/school. Saturday was spent cleaning, Sunday was all about running errands, so today had to be about us just being together.

So what did I suggest we do? A hike! As the words slid over my lips I wanted so badly to stuff them back in.

Too late. The suggestion had already landed on the ears of babes and the response was received with pure excitement. I obviously meant to say matinee movie.

Air condition. Snacks. Sitting.

Matinee movie - no energy required.

Hike - not enough energy in reserves to pull off.

We both had a pretty stressful week in our jobs and hiking was having a hard time competing with the idea of lazing around on the couch in our pajamas for the whole day, indulging in whatever movie Netflix had to offer.

As I watched the boys bounce around the living room, taking breaks to to do headstands on the sofa, I knew a movie would not be as relaxing as the picture I had in my head.

So we loaded up and headed to the closest hiking trail to our house. Didn't even have the energy to drive a significant distance.


The boys fantasized about being captains on high speed vessels bouncing across the sparkling water, using their skills to overcome dangers lurking around every cove.

Each time we saw a path that led to the water's edge it beckoned them to come see if there were any fish to be spotted. Tempting them to take their shoes off and ease in. They could easily catch fish with their bare hands. Who needs fishing poles anyway?

Rocks were a great standin' for a baseball. Gotta get the throwing practice in for the spring season.

Broken branches released during the storm a few nights back were invited to become part of their band as they drummed the tunes only they could decipher on anything and everything.

Fellow hikers of the two legged and four legged varieties became new friends as they passed. They greeted each with a smile and hello.

They eagerly watched for the blue mark on the trees to signal where destiny was leading us. Competing on who could find the marker first.

Rocks, bridges and tree trunks were perfect spring boards for experimenting with the effects of gravity.

Their imaginations soared with the birds. The birds in turn sang a lullaby to my stressed mind and soul. Easing them with each step we took.

So glad I didn't choose to waste this day on the sofa. I would have missed a perfect day. I would have missed the opportunity for nature to work it's magic on my soul.

Nature is the ultimate stress reliever. It sucks you in and melts all your cares away. It makes you present. It shows you what life can be like when you just let everything go and enjoy the moment.

If you are feeling stressed or down, get outside. It works wonders. Trust me.


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