What are my core values? That’s the question….


Well, I made it my mission the last few days to determine what my core values are. An overwhelming task, but I think I have come up with a list that will guide me.

I used the values list on Live Bold and Bloom as a jumping off point. Reading through the list, I wrote down every word that spoke to my heart without question or judgement. At the end I had a list of 30 words out of the 400.

I knew I needed to narrow the list down much more. Just like purging your home, the first purge is easy but as you advance, you have to delve deeper and ask your self "Is this important to me or is it something I feel 'should' be important based on how people will perceive me." Tough to distinguish sometimes. I successfully got it down to 20. To help me prioritize this list of 20, I wrote each value on a separate index card so I could easily move them around.

There I was, sitting in my living room floor, with what felt like a 'sea' of values, Each felt just as important as the next, but time is finite so I had to find a way to narrow it down further.

After awhile, I grew tired and decided to leave my 'sea' of cards floating there. On Monday, when I came home from work, I wandered over and stared at each card intently. A card plucked here, another one there. I did the same thing each day thereafter, until I was left with seven values. Below is my list prioritized by importance:

#1: LOVE

No explanation really needed for this one. Spend more time with my wonderful husband and my two precious boys.


Exercise. Meditate. Eat healthy meals. Journal each day, focusing on what I am most thankful for.


Leave work on time every day. Most importantly, leave work at work. Do not even think about work unless physically there.


Get back to writing. Something I have put on the back burner for too long.


Work on being present in every moment of the day. Good, bad or mundane.


Do things that take me out of my comfort zone as much as possible.


Continue purging my home, until all that is left are things I absolutely love and/or need.


Hopeful. That is how I am feeling right at this moment. That's all I need.



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